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3D Pen Crafts the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift: 14 Unique Ideas!

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Valentine's Day is a holiday that provides an opportunity to show your affection and gratitude to your beloved. It is a day to celebrate the bond of love and express appreciation for your special someone. offers a variety of ideas for what to draw for Valentine's Day. Some of their suggestions include drawing a heart with a special message written inside, a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, or a teddy bear holding a heart.

Also, we provide step-by-step instructions for each of these ideas and helpful tips and tricks to make your drawings look their best. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, has something for everyone. With our help, you can create a beautiful and unique Valentine's Day drawing to show your loved one how much you care.

Butterfly Necklace.

Butterfly Necklace with a 3D Pen

Why not give your special someone this Valentine's Day a truly unique gift? With the Butterfly Necklace Free Template for a 3D Pen from 3DKit, you can create a one-of-a-kind present that will make your loved one smile. This template is easy to use and perfect for those new to 3D printing. Plus, it's free! It's the perfect way to show your love and appreciation for your special someone this Valentine's Day.

Download for free.

Decorated Flower.

Decorated Flower with a 3D Pen

What a wonderful gift to give on Valentine's Day! 3D pens are so versatile and a great way to express your creativity. With the free template from 3DKit, you can make a beautifully decorated flower. It's a unique and thoughtful way to show your appreciation and love. Not only is it a creative and meaningful gift, but it's also a fun and exciting way to spend time together. So this Valentine's Day, why not surprise your special someone with a beautiful 3D flower? It's sure to be a memorable and unique gift.

Download for free.

Geometric Heart.

Geometric Heart with a 3D Pen

One more fantastic idea for a Valentine's Day gift! With the help of a 3D pen, you can make an exquisite geometric heart. The free template from 3DKit makes it easy to create a unique and thoughtful gift that shows how much you care. Making something with your hands is a wonderful way to express your feelings.

Download for free.

Heart with flowers.

Heart with flowers with a 3D Pen

On Valentine's Day, some people might go out and buy flowers, but others might choose to make a more unique and personal gift. If you love giving and receiving gifts, a 3D pen might be the perfect option! With this simple and easy-to-use tool, you can create beautiful 3D designs in your home. Whether you're looking for a unique gift for your loved ones or you just want to create something fun and creative for yourself, a 3D pen is a great way to show your love. So don't wait any longer, and start making some stunning 3D designs today!

Download for free.

Heart box with a gift.

Heart box with a gift with a 3D Pen

Who wouldn't love a gift that is both clever and thoughtful? Well, with a 3D heart box from 3DKit, you can make someone's Valentine's Day special! This fantastic gift is a perfect way to show your love, and it's easy to create using our free template. Just print out the file and start outlining and colouring the pieces, and you're ready to go!

Imagine the look on their face when they open the box and find a special surprise inside! Make this Valentine's Day extra special with a Heart Box with a Gift made with a 3D pen.

Download for free.

Heart photo frame.

Heart photo frame with a 3D Pen

There's no need to break the bank when it comes to Valentine's Day gifts - you can easily make a heart photo frame using a 3D pen! All you need is a picture of your loved ones and a 3D pen. First, print out the picture of your loved ones and cut out the individual pieces. Then create a photo frame with a 3D pen with this free template. Voila! You've created a beautiful Valentine's Day gift that will be cherished for years!

Download for free.


Rose with a 3D Pen

No mistaking the love and affection expressed when a person receives a 3D pen Craft as a Valentine's Day gift. Surprise your match with an amazing gift made with a 3D pen! With the free template from 3DKit, you can create a beautiful rose that will last forever. The template is easy to use and requires no prior knowledge of 3D drawing. You can make a unique and meaningful gift with a few simple steps. This Valentine's Day, show your love with a 3D-printed rose!

Download for free.

Jewellery box.

Jewellery box with a 3D Pen

If you're looking for a unique gift for Valentine's Day, consider giving someone a 3D jewellery box! This free template can be customized to create any design you desire.

With the free template from 3DKit, you can create a beautiful jewellery box for your special someone. This thoughtful and creative gift will be sure to make a lasting impression. Plus, with the help of easy-to-follow instructions, you can make this special gift with minimal effort.

Download for free.

Disco Heart.

Disco Heart with a 3D Pen

When it comes to Valentine's Day, who can forget the classic chocolate box? But this year, why not make it a little more special by giving the gift of creativity? That's where the 3d pen comes in.

With this innovative tool, you can instantly create unique 3d designs and share them with your partner. Plus, since it's so easy to use, they'll be able to create marvellous things together, no matter their artistic ability.

So why not get your loved one a 3d pen gift on Valentine's Day? It'll make their Day, and you'll be able to show off your unique creations to the world.

Download for free.

I love you.

I love you with a 3D Pen

Love is in the air, and what better way to show it than with an incredible craft of a 3d pen?

The I Love You template is a great way to express your love. This template allows you to make a beautiful sign that says "I Love You" uniquely and memorably. The template is free and easy to use, so you can make a gorgeous and earnest gift in no time.

Download for free.

Openwork heart.

Openwork heart with a 3D Pen

What a great idea for a Valentine's Day gift! 3dKit has come up with a free template for a 3d pen, so you can make a unique and memorable present for your loved one. It's so cool to make something with your own hands, and the end result is sure to be something your special someone will treasure for years to come. Plus, it's a great way to show your creativity and thoughtfulness. We are definitely a fan of this idea, and we are sure your Valentine will be too!

Download for free.

Awesome bracelet.

Awesome bracelet with a 3D Pen

The 3D pen bracelet is the perfect way to show your affection and appreciation, and the creative possibilities are endless. With the free template from, you can make a fabulous bracelet that will surely be appreciated. It's a great way to express your love and make a lasting impression. Plus, it's a lot of fun to make! So why not give it a try and make something special for your loved one this Valentine's Day?

Download for free.

Heart-shaped glasses.

Heart-shaped glasses with a 3D Pen

Pour your love into a 3D-drawn gift to someone you love. With the free template from, you can craft a beautiful pair of glasses that will be sure to impress. With the 3D pen, you can customize the glasses to your heart's desire, adding intricate details and personal touches that will make the gift truly special. Not only will the glasses be an exciting and unexpected surprise, but they will also be a lasting reminder of your love and appreciation.

Download for free.

Teddy Bear.

Teddy Bear with a 3D Pen

With the free template from 3DKit, you can create a beautiful teddy bear that will surely melt their heart. Not only is this a creative way to express your love, but it will also be an item that will be treasured for years to come. The template is easy to follow, and the result is simply adorable. If you're looking for a unique gift to show your love this Valentine's Day, this is it!

Download for free.

We hope you enjoyed our blog post about 3D pen crafts. We know that crafty people everywhere are getting creative this Valentine's Day, and we wanted to share some of our favourite ideas with you! This is a great place to start for anyone looking for ideas on what to draw to make the Day special. From simple heart drawings to elaborate works of art, 3DKit offers a variety of ideas that will help you find a special gift. We hope you find something here to show your sweetheart how valuable they are to you. Let us know if you have any questions or comments. We would love to hear from you!

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Crafting!

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