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How a beginner can learn drawing with a 3D pen

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If you are just beginning to master three-dimensional drawing, you are not immediately able to start orienting the lines within the three axes of coordinates. Read our post to understand how to start creating your first works with a 3D pen.

You should perform your first works on a plane. You need to accustom to your pen, feel the speed and become one item. Write your name, draw some simple shapes, for instance, square, circle, or triangle. Have you drawn? Ok.

Now you can pass to a more exciting part. However, there are more complex variations of the workpieces. They allow depicting separated details, which are then joined using plastic to form 3D shapes.

Having learned to work according to the template, you can already independently create two-dimensional geometric shapes and connect them in different planes, getting simple objects.

If you want to learn how to draw miniatures depicting living creatures, as well as copies of various structures or objects, you frequently need to have a sculptor’s eye and some relevant skills. If you don’t obtain any artistic skills, it’s worth looking at special workshops, tutorials, and videos. Their cost can be various, depending on the level of difficulty, but affordable to everyone. On our site, you can find many life hacks, hints, and manuals on how to create incredible 3D objects without special skills. We share our knowledge with you completely free.

Mastering in practice

There is another effective way - to practice regularly to hone the skill of volumetric drawing and gain some experience. To do this, use pre-made wireframes or bulk papier-mâché blanks. The first can be covered with a plastic completely layer by layer. In this case, the metal wire will become a kind of reinforcement of the product. For such experiments, it is advisable to purchase a sufficient supply of consumables in advance.

If you use papier-mâché, it’s worth first to outline only half of the prototype with plastic, so that later you can easily remove part of the product. The same is repeated in the other half, especially if the workpiece is asymmetric. In the end, both pieces are glued together with a seam, using, according to the material chosen for the work, ABS or PLA plastic for 3D pens. Keep in mind that miniatures with a frame inside will be monolithic, and those made with the help of a volume base will be hollow.

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