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Happy New Year! How to draw a Snowman under the Christmas tree!

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Well, the fabulous 2020 is coming to an end, intense, with its trials and lessons. We have learned to live, hiding in apartments and houses; we are used to smiling through masks and appreciating life even more than ever! Despite all this, people do not lose their optimism and still believe in New Year's miracles! The world is smoothly transforming - decorated fir trees flicker in the windows and on the streets, garlands flicker, and people rush to buy Christmas gifts for their loved ones.

So I got the idea that it's time to start the holiday preparations.
Taking the tools in hand - a stencil, a 3d pen and plastic, I started to create a New Year's miracle - a snowman.
Draw your holiday yourself and give a good mood to your loved ones!

Using the stencil, I drew six small and eight large circles in white.

3D pen Snowman

Having drawn a line in the centre, I bent these circles into tangerine slices.

3D pen Snowman

The next step, adding these segments together, glued them together into a ball.

3D pen Snowman

Then, smoothly in a circle, I began to wrap this ball with threads of molten plastic. As a result, I received full-fledged, although not snowy, but grounds for creating a snowman.

3D pen Snowman

Having made two balls, I connected them together.

3D pen Snowman

The next step was to tuck black plastic into the pen and draw the details for the hat. On the stencil, outline and fill a circle completely, draw the upper part - a wide strip (you can deal with a pattern, or make a continuous filling), try to pull this part quickly to have time to roll it into a tube. If you didn't have time to roll up, then you can draw several lines from the inside, thereby warming up this strip, and again quickly roll-up. We connect the lower and upper parts of the cylinder, sketch the top right along the top.

In the same black colour draw the snowman's eyes, mouth, and buttons, do it carefully not to spoil everything we have done earlier.

3D pen Snowman

Next, fill the orange plastic into the 3D pen and fuse it with a spiral to make a carrot (you can gently correct the shape with your fingers).

Change the plastic from orange to red and start creating a scarf - draw a long and narrow rectangle, gradually twisting it with a loop so that you can put the scarf around the snowman's neck.

Add a stripe on the hat for beauty with the same red plastic (optional).

Now draw the arms-branches. I took gold plastic and made the first layer, and then with light movements, the blank was drawn on both sides with brown plastic. The branches are ready.

Now, connect all the snowman's details with white plastic and get a New Year's figure that will decorate any interior and give a New Year's mood!

Draw your holiday yourself and give a good mood to your loved ones!

3D pen Snowman

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